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If you're looking for the number 1 Manchester based private investigator then look no further than us. With highly experienced private detectives, who are skilled in the use of the most sophisticated investigative methods and devices, we are able to offer the broadest range of services in the city and surrounding area.

Whether it's for personal or business reasons that you need help we are here for you and are waiting to take your call now. You may feel rather daunted at the thought of contacting a private detective in Manchester but we can assure you that all our experts are approachable and understand your reservations. You can start to tackle the problems you have by making that call today.

Why Hire Private Investigator Manchester?

The level of expertise that our Manchester private detectives have is reflected in our latest performance rating in which we recorded a one hundred percent success rate as we excel in all the areas of private investigation that we offer.

We know that if someone contacts us they expect a prompt truth revealing service which we guarantee you will get. As the best in the private investigation business Manchester has to offer, we use foolproof techniques and technology and as we work quickly and efficiently the costs to you are kept as low as possible, time isn't wasted. By delaying contacting us you could be making your problem worse so get in touch, you won't regret it.

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Fraud Investigations - Manchester private detectives
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How Can A Private Detective Manchester Based Help You?

Being aware of the prosperous nature of Manchester, which is the commercial centre for the northwest as well as being a great place for the retail trade with many high end outlets, our private investigators in Manchester are frequently called on to either pre-empt offences or to investigate incidents of corporate crime. It doesn't matter whether your business is small or multi-national we can help as we have vast experience in this field of investigation. If you're worried about theft you can hire a private detective to install hidden cameras or CCTV in and around your premises which give accurate evidence of any crime that may be committed. Amongst the other services you can call on us for are the investigation of insurance claims, employee background checks, debtor tracing, suspected fraud in any area of business. No problem is beyond us.

How to Hire Private Detectives Manchester

The trials of everyday life are often hard enough but when you're faced with the possibility that your partner may be cheating it can be devastating and cause all sorts of problems. Our Manchester private detectives are particularly discreet and sensitive when uncovering the truth on infidelity and can help you now. We have a reputation in Manchester of being the top private investigation agency specialising in relationship investigations and help people in all areas of the city from Didsbury to Sedgley Park. We know Manchester well and can carry out effective surveillance without raising any suspicion. If you decide this is the path you want, a private eye will follow your partner's every move, whilst recording all activity and communication. Detailed accurate evidence will be presented in any format you'd like and can be used in legal proceedings. A fast discreet response is guaranteed by the Manchester private investigation agency so contact us now to get peace of mind and start to move on.

We have a specialist team of detectives at our Manchester agency who are specially trained to deal with other services such as locating missing persons. We have the experience to trace people even if they have been separated from their loved ones or families for a number of years. Investigations such as this often raise difficulties and require an understanding of the emotions of clients, which we recognise, so can offer help and support at any time. As flexibility is a huge part of the work we do at Manchester private investigations, all services are tailor made to ensure we meet your individual needs. When you call us we make sure we spend plenty of time to talk over your concerns or problems so that the most appropriate course of action can be put in place. You can trust us with any issue, as our clients can confirm, so make that call, we can talk to you now.

The Average Salary Of A Private Investigator In Manchester

You would want to find out how much is the usual salary of a private investigator in Manchester that may be acquired if you have aspirations of becoming one. Your training, knowledge of law and experience is the ticket to better private detective salaries difference.

As a beginner private detective at Manchester Private Investigators in Radcliffe you will be earning a lower salary and can anticipate earnings of about £16,000 annually. £50,000 to £100,000 are the highest salaries per annum in this trade, and it is for those that are well trained and those that posses an in-depth knowledge of the law, while other experienced private investigators could look towards earning a salary of about £25,000. Please send an email to Or contact 0161 363 0083 if you would like to find out more.

Courses On Private Investigation In Manchester

Even if you have no experience or knowledge about investigation, you still can be a private detective by joining our facility, that is private investigator training course as your beginning preparation. Manchester Private Investigators based in Manchester are interested in persons with City and Guilds investigative training qualifications.

through home learning on the internet at nearby training centres one go through the Private investigation courses. By emailing or by calling 0161 363 0083 on where to find the appropriate investigation courses we can provide you with more help and advice.

It has come to the notice of Private Investigation License Manchester Private Investigators, based in Sale that Manned Guards, Close Protection Officers, Door Supervisors and others in the private security industry sector has been licensed by the SIA (Security Industry Authority) on the orders of the government. Government overall objective is to ensure that private security industry and the Private Investigator sectors set standards are met and maintained through obtaining license for Private investigators controlled by SIA to keep the ultimate expected high quality service delivery in the industry in sharp focus and check as priority area of concern for customers and private detectives and agencies.

To be able to apply and obtain an SIA licence, that costs £220.00 for 3 years period, the private investigator must possess UK work permit and will be obliged to pass the "Test of Competency" and a "Fit and Proper Person" test. By carrying out interviews and investigations, using surveillance techniques and gathering information in a lawful manner, private detectives have already demonstrated their proficiency for conducting investigative work, as recommended by the British Standard for the Provision of Investigative Services.

Get in touch with us via email on or contact us by phone on 0161 363 0083 if you wish to gain further details on ways to acquire a Private Investigator License. Private Investigator Costs and Fees It is usual for Manchester Private Investigators based in Atherton to be asked regarding the rates and prices of employing a private investigator.

When you don't have a full grasp of the individual requirements of the customer, you will not be able to answer this question satisfactorily. Again, understanding is very important because by discovering our client situation completely, the solution of case will be easily detected and we also can calculate how much our client could pay out our service.

For example, we will have our professional private detectives and investigators come up with an arrangement that matches their needs in cases where the client needs a surveillance investigation. The private investigator fees and costs depend on the duration of the assignment, on a number of investigators needed as well as the assignment planning.

All correspondences with the customer, the number of cars used, going to and from the beginning area of surveillance, recording tools, and organisation of report would be covered by the costs. £55.00 is the lowest limit set fee hourly although it is not constant as it is affected by unplanned spending and particulars of the job.

We accept different kinds of payment methods including:

  • - Debit / Credit Cards such as VISA, MASTERCARD as well as MAESTRO
  • - Cheque
  • - Via bank transfer
  • - Cash via our Bank
  • - PayPal

For further details and free quote of costs and fees, get in touch with us via email at or dial 0161 363 0083 to call our expert group.

Cheap Private Investigator In Manchester

Searching for a cheap private investigator who is worth its price may be tough but at Manchester Private Investigators, based in Sale, you will always get the best available investigator services. The details supplied by our clients has resulted in our cheap private detective services.

Please let us know your clear case whenever you ask our cheap private detective services. So that we can do with full of effort. We will make sure to also provide you with excellent and prompt services as well as the most affordable investigator fees when you explain your situation in great detail.

You are assured of no hidden costs in our private investigator fees or quotation; in addition, you get the best value for money knowing how much you spend on specific activities of the investigation. We are a friendly orientated private investigator company and fancy creating a warm and professional bond with our clients.

Knowing more about you proposes that we understand more regarding your specifications and necessities and most appropriate means we can satisfy them. You've made the move to call Manchester Private Investigators on 0161 363 0083 for cheap private detective services and we are glad to serve you with the best private detectives service delivery suitable for your specific immediate needs and maintain high quality industry standards.

For every case, our prices may change, however, every individual is unique just like the conditions they are in. Whenever you need help to solve your case, please text us via e-mail to or chat us online without waiting for long.

How To Become A Private Investigator In Manchester

Perhaps you have been thinking about working as a private investigator as you are looking for a change in career or perhaps you want to begin your own business. Manchester Private Investigators in Urmston completely have explained about investigation training, required qualifications or even chances to get high salary in the industry. These are intended to answer your questions that may arose in your mind.

For those looking forward to becoming Private detective and lack knowledge of the course, the ones with experience on police work, HM forces experienced individuals, those have worked as local authorities or HM customs can get Private investigator training. Private investigative training will provide you with skills needed to get a job in private detective business.

You need to submit an accurate CV with everything you have accomplished thus far written on it by including all your qualifications and any relevant experience, while remembering that your would-be hirer has the capability to follow up on it and see if it contains exaggerations. Private investigator scope of work is wide and varied revolving around investigative responsibilities and customer demands.

A proper investigators is needed by many firms, start from debt reference branches until bank, also from insurance firms until alms agency. With the minimal training that a good private investigation course can provide you with, you will discover that there are a lot opportunities available, even though you may already possess the skills to take advantage of them. You can email us at how to become@london-private or dial 0161 363 0083 to speak to us today.

Private Investigator In Manchester To Catch A Cheating Partner

How Do You Know If Your Spouse Is Cheating On You?

If you suspect that your spouse is having an affair, Manchester Private Investigators, located in Eccles, can investigate the situation to find out if your doubts of cheating are true. You've the opportunity to discuss your cheating suspicion in confidentiality with our infidelity private investigator through phone consultation to determine the six common signs which could lead to the conclusion your spouse is unfaithful.

A cheating may happens if your date shows many hints of it such as uncommonly on chumminess between you two, also the change on phone common activities, changing in style of dress, privately his/her internet service, or seldom come home over time, or even take a shower in long time. Proof of an unfaithful partner can be supplied by our expert private investigators by infidelity surveillance investigations.

A fast and simple technique of probe which could obtain all the confirmation you demand to end the agony of this condition is to hire a private investigator to investigate your hunch of a cheating husband or wife. We can help you deal with this emotional time by providing quick professional results through an infidelity investigation. Send our professional and courteous staff an email on or call 0161 363 0083.

Job As Private Investigator In Manchester

To be included in private investigator jobs as your career working you will need some specific abilities such as critical mind, professional in observing and sharp in problem solving. Those are also very useful for your other career preferences including security industry. private investigator jobs are many and in a lot of sections such divorce Investigation cases, fraud investigation amongst others.

A private detective needs to possess a lot of patience and exhibit perseverance to carry out the work and in many cases, private investigator jobs involve a lot of routine work. Investigators work with persons who can be nervous or sensitive so the job demands compassion and tact.

Investigator jobs are quite unique for private investigator because he/she will be working independently. One of companies that deals with it is Manchester Private Investigators based in Manchester. You don't have to have Private investigator work experience and education in a similar position to take up private detective job, however, police background or security industry employment is added advantage. Please Call 0161 363 0083 if you need to know more about private detective and investigator jobs.


Private detectives first recognised agency, Le Bureau de Renseignements Universels pour le commerce et L'Industrie, was established in 1833 by French soldier Eugene Francois Vidocq who was as well a criminal and privateer. Ex-convicts are being employed by this private Investigator agency to handle investigations and other private detective tasks but were not approved of by the authorised law enforcement who made several attempts to put an end to their operation.

On one event in 1842, in the wake of comprehending an instance of misappropriation, Vidocq was captured by police for doubt of unlawful detainment and taking cash on affectations. Being sentenced to five years imprisonment and fined 3,000 francs; he was later set free by the Court of Appeals.

Vidocq was suspicious of the conviction then and thought he had been deceived. His criminal investigations involved record keeping, criminology, and ballistics, regardless of his illegal actions in the past.

Together with creating the first plaster cast of a shoe and he built a form of anthropometry that is still applied by the French police force at the moment and via his personal printing firm, he innovated indelible ink and unchangeable bond paper. Private Investigator industry was brought to life by the private detective agency that Vidocq established in France.

Most of the first private detectives acted as police in situations where the customer thought that police officers were not interested to carry out. Several of the roles performed by these modern private detectives involved assisting businesses with labour disputes and in various cases they were employed as armed security guards.

During 1852, Charles Frederick Field, a private investigator in Manchester, began an investigation office when he retired from the Metropolitan police. Charles Dickens who was a writer was a friend of Field, he usually follows police officers on their nightly rounds and in 1851 a short article titled "On Duty with Inspector Field" was writing by Dickens and it is recommended that he based his "Bleak House" character Inspector Bucket on Field.

Across the pond in the United States, Allan Pinkerton created the Pinkerton National Detective Agency in 1850 and became well known when he discovered and prevented a plot to kill Abraham Lincoln, the President-elect back then in 1861. Services gave by Pinkerton National Detective Agency included covert investigations, crime location and providing security watches who were frequently equipped.

Pinkerton employed Kate Warned, the first female private Investigator in America, in addition to many private investigators that characterised the labour force of Pinkerton National Detective Agency in 1856. It is comprehended that in the United States in the late 19th century during the union agitation Pinkerton private investigators were made present for contracting as armed security guards for firms to secure them.

After the Homestead Riots of 1892 various states brought in "Anti Pinkerton" laws limiting the application of imported security guards at the time of union strikes. The federal Anti-Pinkerton Act of 1893 proscribes "anyone working with the Pinkerton Detective Agency or similar agency" from being hired.

Pinkerton agents were engaged to find criminals like Jesse James, the Reno brothers, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Pinkerton logo of an eye embellished with the words "We Never Sleep" was the reason behind the invention of term "Private Eye".


Looking for employment working as a private investigator or private detective in the UK does not need a private detective license in the UK. Nevertheless, the SIA (Security Industry Authority) has been called for by the British Government to expand their supervising of the UK security industry services, via licensing, to the private detective section of the industry.

In order to continue to work in the industry without any inconvenient gaps in services to the customers the practicing private investigators are urged by the training centers around the UK to undertake the necessary training now, even though the Licensing by the Government for private investigators is subject to Ministerial approval. There are multiple employment opportunities available in the private investigator sector, as are the chances to train to become a private investigator and private detective courses.

A complete training would be required in order to handle most private detective or private investigator roles like undercover investigators, criminal investigators, and polygraph examiners but other tasks can be carried out through trainee functions within a private investigator agency and if you have practical knowledge in law enforcement or in HR Forces private detective courses will offer short programs to raise you up to succeed. Although looking for adultery proof is a large field of their service, private investigation jobs have many other areas of know-how that some people do not pay attention to and involve insurance investigators to check suspicious claims, investigative due diligence for businesses background checks, fraud investigations for both private and business customers and those investigators that do a service as credit (finance) investigators reliabilities.

A lot of private investigators are employed in order to conduct a wide range of services that are not frequently related to the security field by the people. Process serving which is the peculiar distribution of court summons, injunction, and other legal papers is usually handled by private investigators as one of the many tasks they handle.

A lot of companies are into tracking missing people and tracing debtors that have escaped. Some private investigators are professional witnesses and offer the court with details and proof they have collected for a case over supervisions.

Sometimes people plant sophisticated gadgets within a location perhaps to acquire information or otherwise, private investigators with expertise in the world of technology often engage in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) to identify and remove such gadgets. This kind of detective job is performed by those private detectives that have had past knowledge in intelligence and counterintelligence.

In organized crime investigation, eavesdropping equipment and devices can often be installed by these same private investigators as a tool. Fraud investigation, mismanagement, background checks are some of the many issues corporate investigators are capable of handling. The security of a corporation involves information, intellectual possession and business secrets, copyright concerns, due diligence researches, malware and cyber illegal acts and finally computer forensics.

Undercover Investigator

An undercover investigator, undercover detective or undercover agent is someone who handles an undercover service to the ones who are suspicious of criminal activity. A suspected criminal group will usually be penetrated secretly by the undercover Investigator who will disguise themselves as someone who is interested in goods and services with the aim of gathering the details and facts about a suspect

In the process of evidence gathering, gadgets like recorders or body cameras are attached to the clothing of the undercover investigator. Due to the risk surrounding an undercover job, it is important that throughout the duration of the investigation which could go beyond a year the real personal details of the private investigator are kept secret. Covert investigators are likewise used to investigate workers for false wiped out leave, manhandle of co-workers and espionage.

Across The World

It is necessary for many private investigators to be licensed around the rest of the world. A lot of Private Investigators can be furnished with weapons based on local laws. Some private investigators worked as police officers previously while others were previous spies, had jobs in the military or worked previously as bodyguards or security guards.

In numerous nations private detectives don't have an indistinguishable specialist from their police constrain and are frequently restricted to the energy of a native's capture. Storing detailed information and pictorial evidence and being ready to bear witness to what they have seen in the court in the interest of their clients are the major role of a private detective A detective can be accused and apprehended if they violate the law so private investigator has to be sure that they are updated with the laws and rules that are operational in the location they are working in.

Our Private Investigation Services Cover: Ancoats, Ardwick, Baguley, Barlow Moor, Belle Vue, Benchill, Beswick, Blackley, Bradford, Brunswick, Burnage, Charlestown, Cheetham Hill, Chorlton-cum-hardy, City Centre, Clayton, Collyhurst, Crumpsall, Didsbury, East Didsbury, Fallowfield, Gorton, Harpurhey, Higher Blackley, Hulme, Infirmary, Levenshulme, Longsight, Miles Platting, Moss Nook, Moss Side, Moston, Newall Green, New Moston, Newton Heath, Northenden, Northern Moor, Openshaw, Roundthorn, Rusholme, Sharston, St George's, Strangeways, University, West Didsbury, West Gorton, Whalley Range, Withington, Woodhouse Park, Wythenshawe, .

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