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Employee and staff overseeing solutions from Manchester Private Investigators is a great approach to ensure your company is creating the maximum amount of money possible by ensuring personnel productiveness is at a maximum. If you are the Boss of a mid-sized enterprise it's not easy to maintain a watchful eye on the workers while your promotional activities such as meetings, interviews and other things keep you out of the office. You need to know just what the staff is doing while you are out.

Our private detectives and investigators have several years of experience supporting enterprise to observe staff. These facilities contain concealed Closed-circuit television, listening gadgets and Personal computer or phone monitoring software. These types of solutions may be fitted within the workplace right away and kept from the employees if an illegal action is assumed to be occurring by one of the staff members.

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Manchester Employee Monitoring

An owner of several burger vans had been getting complaints about one particular crew of workers. He called Manchester Private Investigators wishing to hire a private investigator to help him check his employees on that particular van. Reports were the employees often spoke rudely to the customers and seemed at times more interested in eating than in serving the public. There was a phone number for registering complaints on the side of the van, and they had received calls every time a certain crew went out. The employees would respond to these complaints with excuses and denials. The owner became our client because he wanted a private investigator to find out what was happening on the burger van. Our private detective offered to do surveillance wearing a hidden video camera, and the owner agreed to this plan of action.

Employee Monitoring in Manchester

Equipped with a schedule of where the crew would be working and when, our private investigator used a camera that blended with the clothes. It would be hard to find it even if one knew they were looking for a camera. The employees parked the van outside an office complex expecting the lunch crowd. Our private detective assumed the role of just another office worker taking a lunch break. There were outdoor tables close by, and our investigator bought lunch and then sat as close as he could to the van and lingered over lunch while 'reading' a book. As he was ordering his sausage, he recorded the workers at first ignoring him while they joked and chatted with each other. When our private investigator tried to get their attention, they told him to 'hold on'. One of the cooks was eating a burger in one hand while flipping a customer's with the other. A woman came to the van and asked them if they had any curry. The young man behind the counter answered, 'Hey. This is a burger van... not a curry van. If you want something to eat, you might try a burger as I don't see any curry vans around.' The woman walked away. It was clear in the video that the workers only smiled when they were talking to one another. Their general bearing with the customers was a look of boredom bordering on distain. This was all caught on camera. Seated with his lunch, our private investigator caught almost an hour of such unprofessional behaviour. He returned two days later to discover if he had just witnessed a bad day the first time. Unfortunately, he had not. The bad business behaviour continued.

Our private investigator delivered the video to the van owner, who quickly used it to fire the negligent employees. He then had a meeting with all of his employees and warned them that one of our private detectives would periodically and randomly watch and record video of their work. This became a powerful quality assurance measure and brought customer complaints down radically. True to his promise, he has continued to hire private investigators from Manchester Private Investigators to monitor the employees. There was a detective at each of his vans two or three times a year. When he has a specific problem with complaints, he sends out a private investigator to see if it was an isolated incident or a general pattern of behaviour.

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