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Manchester Private Investigators have polygraph or Lied detector services that are very well liked and are performed by our skilled investigators in Manchester. All of our examiners are very accomplished in finding out the truth within a situation that has been bought to them and they are quite often asked to prove the innocence of the person who has booked the test as well as that regarding another individual.

Our investigators are properly accredited by the European and American Polygraph Association. Each of our remarkably intelligent private investigators and examiners are generally responsive to the demands of all of the people taking the test and have the skill and understanding to put those taking the exam at ease and feeling confident about their answers. Our state of the art equipment is high tech and is remarkably accurate making it possible for the most beneficial benefits. Visit UK lie detector test for more information.

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Manchester Lie Detector Test

The owner of a real estate agency contacted Manchester Private Investigators concerned that someone in her office was pilfering its petty cash. She explained to our private detective that there was never a lot missing - maybe just enough for coffee on a break. Since the agents might be showing property any time of the day or week, the cash box was easily accessible in case there was a business need. To take a needed amount of money, the agent simply had to fill out a detailed log stating who, when, why, and how much. However, the office rules strictly forbade taking petty cash for personal use. But when the owner balanced the petty cash log against the amount in the petty cash, it had often come up a little short as of late. She would have no problem with this happening once or twice. People forget or are careless. However, this became a consistent happening. She suspected a new agent who had been working with her for only seven months. The petty cash inconsistency had started a few months back and the owner felt she knew the other agents and office assistants well enough to rule them out. Since real estate could be such a competitive profession, the owner told our private investigator the character of a person who would steal from petty cash concerned her more than the loss of money. She asked the new agent if she had been stealing the money, and she denied it. When the owner pressed her, it was the new agent who suggested a lie detector test. Little did she suspect the owner would call her bluff.

Lie Detector Test in Manchester

When the new agent came in for the lie detector test, she told our private detective she was only joking when she offered to take the tests. She did it to cut the tension over what she considered a trivial accusation. However, now she felt that she had to take it. Our private investigators oriented her to the procedure and attached her to the polygraph machine. After establishing a baseline by asking control questions, our examiner began to ask her various questions. He asked her if she had ever used money from petty cash. She answered she had and the test showed she was being truthful. He then asked if she had ever stolen any money from the petty cash. She said she hadn't and again the test pointed to her being truthful. He then asked her if she had ever taken cash from the petty cash without noting it on the log. She said she had and the machine registered that her statement was true. He then asked her if taking the money without noting it was a form of theft, and she said it wasn't. Again, the machine registered that she was being truthful. He asked if she had ever taken anything from the petty cash for personal use. She denied it and the polygraph spiked, showing a lie.

When our private investigator presented the report to the owner, she immediately decided to dismiss her. The results of the lie detector test suggested the woman did not see taking money for personal use without logging it as stealing. This spoke to a broken moral compass and perhaps a character problem, and the owner did not trust her to be on her team. The owner reported to us that the problem with the missing petty cash stopped as soon as she dismissed the new agent. She has since used Manchester Private Investigators for background checks on new employees several times.

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