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Matrimonial Investigations Manchester

Manchester Private Investigators have 25 years know-how checking out matrimonial troubles. Our private investigator agency contains the finest investigators Manchester has and our outcomes are remarkably successful. If you are having relationship problems within your marriage and you need help our warm and friendly Manchester detectives can help to get your life back.

Our investigation company can investigate to see if your partner is being unfaithful or if you estranged partner is cohabitating with another person. Our services are carried out by the greatest private detectives in Manchester who will be professional and have experience many private investigators that have accomplish finding out the reality in the situation.

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Manchester Matrimonial Investigations

The husband of a former croupier came to Manchester Private Investigators worried about his wife's interest. He had met her when she was dealing cards at a blackjack table at a casino. When they married, his wife voluntarily gave up her job to please her new husband who thought the casino was no place for a married woman to spend much time. He knew that she enjoyed the casino lifestyle, and she made it no secret that she missed dealing cards and meeting people. He told our private detective that the fact she was absent from the home often while he was at work concerned him. When he asked her where she went, she would complain about 'being a housewife and stuck in the house'. She claimed she was going out with girlfriends, shopping and joining clubs. She seemed otherwise happy about being married, and she was attentive to her husband when they were together. But the hours of absence from the home concerned him. He wondered if she was having an affair. He wanted to hire a private investigator to find out where she went during the day and with whom she spent time.

Matrimonial Investigations in Manchester

The next day, our private investigator began to follow her from the couple's home in Manchester. She went from the home to one of the more prominent casinos in the city. She went into the casino through an employee entrance dressed in casual weekday clothing. The next time our private detective saw her, she was inside the casino dressed in an alluring black dress and high heels that was the uniform of the women croupier at this club. She took her place as the dealer at one of the blackjack tables. This solved half of the mystery of the woman's whereabouts, but it was still unclear whether she was having an affair or not. There was a man at her table to whom she was paying a lot of attention. He would leave to play at another table but would soon return to the wife's blackjack table. There was much friendly touching, but nothing that seemed overtly romantic or sexual. Our private investigator followed her home at the end of her shift. She stopped at a food market on the way home, but otherwise went directly to her house. Our detective followed her in the same manner for the two more times that week. It was clear the woman was simply going to a job and returning home without any romantic interludes along the way.

When our private investigator presented his report to the husband, he was pleased that she was not having an affair. His primary concern with her working at a casino was that some man with more money and charm than he had might tempt her away. Since she was doing the job she loved and remaining faithful, he decided to not confront her with the information. She eventually told him herself. He did not tell her he already knew, but he gave his blessing. However, he has since asked Manchester Private Investigators to check on her occasionally to discover if she was going straight home after work.

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