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It can be really hard to determine the best day care for your kids when you returning to work, it is a true frustration. Manchester Private Investigators see what a dilemma it truly is and understand the needs of the parents. We offer a solution in our nanny monitoring service that will help take the strain out of hiring a nanny.

If you have a list of applicants for the job of nanny and can't seem to chose, let our private eye help in this case and our Manchester investigator can look at each of the individuals to investigate the most appropriate Nanny among them. You may well already have hired a new nanny and wish that you could watch what she is doing as you feel as if she might not be following your requests. Our agents can carry out surveillance services to check on what the nanny is doing.

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A busy professional mother sought the help of the Manchester Private Investigators. Her children's nanny was terrible. There was no sign that she mistreated the two young daughters exactly. The mother told the private investigator the house was always a mess, and the nanny didn't properly wash the children or always feed them on time. The children began to feel comfortable talking back to their parents and other adults which was new for them. It looked to the mother as though this otherwise pleasant woman had not been trained for the job of being a nanny. The disorganised nature of everything about the nanny suggested that she wasn't maliciously negligent. The work simply overwhelmed her. The mother asked if our private detective could set up nanny cams around the house to see what the nanny did while the parents were out of the house. The mother claimed that her only interested was in helping the woman become a better nanny and to help her conform more to the standards of the household.

Nanny Monitoring in Manchester

Our private investigators placed cameras in the rooms where the nanny and the children interacted most. This included the children's playroom, their bedrooms, the family den and television room, and the kitchen. The mother now had a video feed that she could watch from anywhere that had access to the Internet. She reported to our private detective that she watched as the nanny made the children breakfast and then washed the dishes. However, the nanny failed to clean the counters or the table. The mother took notes. She watched as the girls argued about what they were going to wear to school and to nursery. She watched as the nanny gave up in frustration and allowed the girls to wear whatever they chose. And the mother took more notes. The mother watched as the nanny tried to get the children to put away their toys in the playroom. When the children left the room, the toys were still on the floor. And the mother took notes. The mother watched as the nanny left the house with the young children who were still arguing with her. And the mother took more notes. When the nanny returned from taking the children to school and to the nursery, the mother watched as she relaxed on the sofa in the television room. Then she watched as her husband came home from work and began a steamy sexual encounter with the nanny on the sofa. The mother had, unfortunately, failed to tell her husband about the new nanny cams. She no longer felt a need to take notes.

Our client both dismissed the nanny and divorced her husband quickly. While her husband's infidelity hurt our client, in time it came to light that this was not an isolated incident. She told our private investigator that she was fortunate to know the truth no matter how painful. She not only hired Manchester Private Investigators to do a background check on her new nanny, but she has also been vocal in recommending our services to her friends. She sends them to us for both nanny monitoring and matrimonial investigations.

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