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It is quite aggravating if your laptop or computer halts or you delete work by accident or you acquire a computer virus in error. Manchester Private Investigators have a very skilled crew involving forensic private investigators that will be available to help you with your problem on just about any laptop or computer dilemma you have.

Our private investigation companies have a great reputation for helping clients and going above the call of duty when assisting them. We have a huge success rate in retrieving lost information and our Helpful and friendly staff like to ensure that all our clients are assisted in proper use of their equipment. A common service we provide for mothers and fathers is our parental PC monitoring which allows them to keep their child safe on the internet.

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A woman who owned a telesales business called Manchester Private Investigators upset about computer use in her office. It seemed that her employees were using their computers for everything except work. She had caught them at different times playing solitaire, shopping on Amazon and even a couple of times cruising online dating sites. The salespeople rarely met their easy sales quotas any more. She disciplined those who misused company equipment, but she had a feeling that a lot more was taking place than she could easily catch. At a trade show, she had heard how private investigators could use software to check how employees used computers in an office. She consulted with our private detectives to find out more about the software, and how it worked. Our professionals walked her through the all the elements of the software from our professional installation to using the application on a normal workday. The program impressed the woman, and she engaged our private detectives to set up the program for her.

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After our private investigators installed the program, the owner sent an email to the entire staff that explained the new software. To stay on the right side of privacy laws, she told them the program would be monitoring them. The email explained the program could at times pick random computers to watch or the user could direct it to watch a particular computer. It reminded the staff that according to company policy forbade anyone using computers for anything not business-related. The consequences for doing so could lead to disciplinary action up to termination. The email was forceful and our client felt certain the message was clear enough to deter any further web surfing during work hours. It disappointed her to find that neither the email nor the software had any effect on her employees. Within a day, she called several workers into her office and issued formal warnings to them. But she continued to watch as employees read gossip and news sites, checked football scores, played various games including online gambling and planned their weekend movies. The oversight had no effect at all. Then she looked up one day and noticed that one of the computer screens had a pornographic video playing on it. This was too much and the owner immediately dismissed the person who sat at the desk. There was little change until she fired two other workers. Word quickly got around the office and soon it was rare for anybody to be on a website that was not strictly business in nature.

Our client reported this to our private investigator. She then wondered next about overseeing telephone calls to make sure that her employees were following proper phone protocol and sales guidelines. We added that software to her telephone network. Our client reported to our private investigator that both measure significantly increased her profit. She found that she had to keep increasing the sales quota because her staff was exceeding it too easily. Now when she attends trade shows and conferences, she enthusiastically endorses the software and points her colleagues to Manchester Privates Detectives to help them set it up.

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