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It is quite bothersome when your phone cuts out. It might damage your information and then making the phone use quite challenging. As an example it might suggest that this battery pack is full when in fact it is very low and you get cut off in the midst of an important conversation. At Manchester Private Investigators we can easily aid you with these complications.

Each of our cell phone forensic private investigators are professionals who employ high tech tools and equipment to get to the bottom of the challenge of your phone. There can be a thousand logistical reasons behind your current phone problem and the most popular is basically that you have a virus that has perplexed your OS.

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A young woman sought the help of the Manchester Private Investigators. She believed that her ex-live-in boyfriend had put spy software on her Smartphone. He still always knew what she was doing and where she was going even though they had broken up nine months prior. She told our private investigators that one reason for breaking up with him was his constant jealousy. Because of his jealousy, he always had to know where she was going and what she was doing. This disturbing pattern had continued long after the break up. Even their common friends mentioned how uncomfortable they were with the completeness of the information he had about his ex-girlfriend. This and the fact that her Smartphone had slowed down noticeably suggested to the woman that her ex may have installed spy software on her telephone. She considered herself savvy about technology, but she could not find anything out of the ordinary among her apps. She wondered if our private investigators might be able to tell her if there was unwanted software on her phone and remove it.

Phone Forensics in Manchester

Our private detectives brought the Smartphone to our forensics department, and they were quickly able to identify and find the program. The software was the most invasive kind and sent to the ex-boyfriend everything our client did from talking on the phone to finding directions somewhere to checking her bank balance. Our technicians quickly removed the program and any residual data that it left on the phone. Since her ex-boyfriend was serious about inserting himself into our client's life, our private investigators suggested that she also change as many passwords and pins as she possibly could. It would easy for him to hack any of her social media, calendars, health information and even bank accounts from the information he extracted with the software. All he needed to do was take the account ID and the password and find the correct website on the Internet. Our private investigator reminded the woman that we carry most of the information about our entire lives on our telephones now. She diligently changed all the passwords on every application and for every account that she had. However, as she was changing the bank password online, she received a telephone call from the bank. They were going to call her about some unusually large transfers when they noticed that she happened to be changing her password at the same time. They hastened their calling of the woman, who had, in fact, not drawn any money from the bank. Our client called the police and reported the theft and told them of her suspicions. When the police confronted the boyfriend, he admitted to transferring the money to his account which he was able to do easily with the information he obtained from the phone. However, he claimed the woman owed him the money from when they had lived together. The police promptly arrested the man.

Our client also brought the laptop that she used at home to our private detectives, just to be on the safe side. The laptop was clean, and young woman has told this cautionary tale of how easy it is to spy on somebody through their Smartphone to all of her friends. Many of them have come into the Manchester Private Detection since to have their smartphones checked.

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