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Maybe your debtor has left town with no forwarding address, what can you do? In order to find a person that owes you lots of bucks go and visit the most famous private eye Manchester has got to put forward at Manchester Private Investigators. Each of our consultants along with our highly qualified private detectives could hunt down your debtor and help you regain your money.

With our 25 years experience in the private investigator business each of our private investigators in Manchester have made tracing their debtor's look a lot easier than it really is. Our greatly skilled and friendly private detectives and investigators can help you too. Each of our private investigation services can be carried out in complete confidence and our experience in locating the people that owe you money is second to none.

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Manchester Tracing Debtors

Our client could hardly control her tears when she came to tell the Manchester Private Investigators about her problem. She had a next door neighbour who she had grown to love like a sister. They had lived side-by-side for over 20 years and had been support for each other during the neighbour's divorce and our client losing her husband early to cancer. The mothers even brought their two families together to share the Sunday roast each week as though they were one family. Our client told the private investigator that she could not imagine two families closer. And that's why what had happened recently horrified her. Her friend and neighbour was always after her ex-husband for the support he owed them. It was always a financial struggle for her. Finances were especially bad even before the mechanic told the woman that her old car had seen its last days. She had never relied on public transport and was upset at the prospect. So, she asked her friend, our client, if she could borrow the money for a new car. Our client made it clear to her that she was happy to loan her the money, but, as much as she would like to, she could not give it as a gift. She had to pay it back. The neighbour agreed. However, our client was outraged when three days later her children called her work to tell her the neighbour's children were not in school. When they went over to see how they were doing, there was no furniture in their rented house. Her 'good friend' had taken her money and skipped town. She wanted to hire a private detective to find out where she took the money.

Tracing Debtors in Manchester

Our private investigators began a search that consisted of record searches and interviews. There was a paper trail that was confirmed by people who knew the woman socially or had worked with her. She was several towns over, and she had moved in with a girlfriend from her school days rent free for the first six months. When she heard this new arrangement, our client saw the childhood friend was falling into the same trap. She was also trying to help this woman and trusting her to do the right thing in turn. On our private detective's advice, she immediately consulted a solicitor who started a law suit against her former friend recover the money she had loaned her. Now that our private detective had the woman's address, he went to that address and served her the court papers.

Our client was happy to report to our private investigators that she eventually recovered all the money she loaned the woman through the courts. Her old friend tried to tell her outside the courthouse the reason for her abrupt behaviour. Our client took some satisfaction in walking past this woman and not saying a word to her. It didn't matter what she said. The private investigator in Manchester did not let this thief disappear, and the courts formalised the loan and enforced its repayment.

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