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A vehicle tracking device is an excellent unit that will provide the exact position of a vehicle that involves the use of GPS, which is a space based satellite system. At Manchester Private Investigators many of our clients employ this technique generally for car and van tracking and are a very well liked service and an amazing tool.

Our private investigators in Manchester also have wonderful results using vehicle tracking devices specially using car or truck checking. A number of corporate and business clientele utilize them to evaluate company fleet cars and vans in order to monitor their staff driving speeds and cost effectiveness. A lot of parents who may have a youngster that has just passed their driving test employ car or truck tracking to evaluate their child's driving.

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Manchester Vehicle Tracking

The head of a local middle school called the Manchester Private Investigators for help with a problem. Somebody was making objects disappear on campus. Theft had plagued the school for several months, and the issue was crippling school morale. It didn't matter that some of the items were inexpensive while other thefts included student smartphones, tablets and comparably valuable items. It outraged parents who blamed the rash of stealing on lax discipline and kept annoyingly referring to stealing as part of the 'school's culture'. The students often accused each other of theft and that took administrators away from their task of providing an education to play amateur detective. Despite their best efforts, they never identified the culprit. The teachers were frankly tired of dealing with the problem in the classroom. Almost everyday something else vanished. The head came to our private investigators in Manchester overwhelmed and frustrated. Someone or some group of people was stealing. He needed to find out who was doing it so he could deal effectively with the problem. However, he also asked that we find a way to do it discreetly. The thefts had already created more distraction and drama than was good for the school. Our private investigators agreed to find a subtle way to reveal the thief.

Vehicle Tracking in Manchester

After our private detectives received more information on the pattern of the thefts, they came up with a strategy by which to lure and then track the thief. They assembled a normal looking school bag, hid a GPS transmitter inside it, and left it in the locker room which was one of places the thief hit most often. The first two days looked as though the idea may have failed. Nothing at all happened. The backpack just sat there. However, at the end of the third day, the backpack with the GPS was on the move. Our private investigators monitored the backpack as it made its way out of the school and through the streets of the city. It finally stopped at a residential address. With the school's head, our detectives cross-referenced the address where the GPS stopped with the addresses of all of the staff and students. The address belonged to the school's cleaner. Our private detectives reported this crime to the police who arrested the man. Within his home was a small-scale warehouse of items that had been missing from the school. That overwhelming evidence forced the cleaner to confess to his crime.

Our private detectives had solved the chronic problem, but the head of the school still had more concerns. He felt the thefts had pointed to some gaps in their security. He reasoned that if disruptive theft happened once, it could happen again. He asked our security professionals at Manchester Private Investigators if they thought a security upgrade might be warranted. Our consultants surveyed the school's security layout. They then recommended several improvements including increasing the number of visible CCTV cameras around the school. According to the school in a follow-up interview, accusations of theft have decreased to almost nothing.

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